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Committee Charges and Appointments 2013 - 2014

Executive Committee
Chair: Angela Shoup
Members: Francis Kuk, Michael Mallahan

Charge: The Executive Committee shall provide oversight and management of Board activities and shall act on behalf of the Board to ensure the vitality and continuity of the AAAF between Board meetings.

Responsibilities: Develop long- and short-range goals for the Foundation and oversee and manage Board activities.

Specific Duties:

  • Liaison with board committees to support their functions
  • Propose strategic initiatives
  • Ensure financial success through active budget and fundraising oversight
  • Represent the Board at appropriate venues

Finance Committee
Chair: Francis Kuk
Members: Michael Mallahan, Angela Shoup

Charge: The principal objective of the Finance Committee is to obtain a high level of return on Foundation investments at an acceptable level of risk. To that end, the Finance Committee will recommend a policy for investment of Foundation funds and monitor the performance of all investments.

Responsibilities: Develop investment objectives, recommend investment policy, meet with managers of fund, monitor performance of funds, and develop, oversee, and monitor budgets and financial activities in collaboration with AAA staff.

Specific Duties:

  • Develop investment policies for Board approval
  • Monitor performance of current investments and fund manager
  • Review and monitor monthly financial statements

Development Committee
Chair: Michael Mallahan
Members: Bopanna Ballachanda, James Beauchamp, Joscelyn Martin, Eugene McHugh, Hilary Rosenstrauch, Elizabeth Thompson

Charge: The primary responsibility of the Development Committee is to determine fundraising goals on an annual basis and develop a plan/strategy to meet goals. The Committee shall present the plan to the Board for approval in conjunction with the budget on an annual basis. This plan shall encompass goals and strategies for Academy members, industry, and other corporate and organizational giving. In addition, the Committee will monitor the progress of fundraising throughout the year to ensure adequate revenue is generated.

Responsibilities: Develop annual fundraising plan and strategies and oversee implementation of fundraising programs.

Specific Duties:

  • Develop annual campaign strategy
  • Oversee execution of annual campaign
  • Determine budget for annual campaign
  • Solicit gifts from peers and corporate associates
  • Develop donor recognition and acknowledgment programs
AudiologyNOW!® Committee
Chair: Joscelyn Martin
Members: James Beauchamp, M. Patrick Feeney, Karen Glay, Eugene McHugh, Hilary Rosenstrauch

Responsibilities: Plan the special events, fundraisers, and other activities associated with the annual AudiologyNOW!® convention.

Charge: Plan, develop, organize, and implement all AAAF convention activities including, but not limited to: an evening cocktail event, annual donor appreciation recognition, research awards recognition event, silent auction, and AAAF booth. The purpose of all AAAF activities held during the Annual Convention is to promote the Foundation and the programs it funds, increase awareness of fundraising goals and opportunities, and generate fundraising revenue for Foundation activities.

Communications Committee
Chair: Karen Glay
Members: Bopanna Ballachanda, Pamela Fiebig, Alison Grimes, Jill Preminger, Elizabeth Thompson

Charge: The Communications Committee shall develop Web-based and printed materials to promote the Foundation's mission and encourage annual giving. The Committee shall also develop and produce the Foundation promotional and informational articles, advertisements, and other materials that appear in Audiology Today, on the Foundation and Academy Web sites, and in other hearing industry publications.


  • Develop communication materials for fundraising campaigns
  • Develop materials for dissemination regarding Foundation activities in print and electronic media (e.g. Web site, email announcements, etc.)
  • Identify and develop communication tools and resources to improve awareness of Foundation
  • Develop campaign communication materials to increase ease of making donations

Nominations Committee
Chair: James Beauchamp
Members: Alison Grimes, M. Patrick Feeney, Hilary Rosenstrauch

Charge: Solicit nominations for positions on the Foundation Board of Trustees, review candidate qualifications and determine willingness to serve, prepare slate for Academy Board approval, and handle all communications between Foundation Board, Academy Board, and Trustee candidates.


  • Develop Board of Trustee job description
  • Develop qualifications for trustees
  • Prepare a slate of potential trustees and determine their willingness to serve on the Board
  • Inform candidates of responsibilities and expectations of the position and provide them with a job description
  • Have an available pool of potential candidates to fill unexpected Board vacancies
  • Prepare a  slate of candidates for presentation to the Academy Board for approval

Educational Grants Review Committee
Chair: Jill Preminger
Members: M. Patrick Feeney, Pamela Fiebig, Alison Grimes, Francis Kuk, Michael Mallahan

Charge: The responsibilities of this committee are to (1) review and approve student applications for educational/academic grants and awards and (2) develop and modify criteria, applications, timelines, and procedures for educational/academic grants and awards.

Other Positions:
Liaison from Academy Board – Deborah L. Carlson
Liaison to Academy Audit Committee – Francis Kuk
Liaison to Academy Research Committee - Francis Kuk
Liaison to Student Academy of Audiology – Jill Preminger
Representative from Student Academy of Audiology – Reaghan Albert
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