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Oticon Hearing Foundation Partners with the AAA Foundation for Project Amazon 2015

Creating a Community of Caring among hearing care professionals who share a commitment to providing sustainable hearing care for in-need children and adults has been the unwavering focus of the Oticon Hearing Foundation since its inception in 2012.  Each year, through Project Amazon, a unique partnership with the American Academy of Audiology Foundation, the Oticon Hearing Foundation underwrites the costs of a humanitarian mission that gives one audiologist and one audiology student the opportunity to travel to one of Brazil’s most impoverished communities to provide much-needed audiological care and hearing solutions to children and adults. 

This year, Lena Marie Kyman, AuD of ENT & Audiology Associates in Raleigh, NC and Mia Alexandra Canale, a graduate student in audiology at University at Buffalo, SUNY will travel to the non-profit Oticon Clinic in Parintins, Brazil as part of Project Amazon. There they will work with Oticon staff to screen in-need children and adults and fit Oticon hearing instruments donated by the Oticon Hearing Foundation. 

“At the Oticon Clinic, we serve a large and diverse population and having the opportunity to add the skill and expertise of volunteer audiologists enables us to provide sustainable care for more people and further ensure their ongoing hearing health,” said Alessandra Agarez, Human Resources Manager and Social Responsibility. “We are pleased to again welcome Project Amazon audiologists and look forward to their contributions to the work of our Oticon team here in Parintins.”

Kyman and Canale will travel to Parintins from November 7 - 18 and will report on their experiences at the Oticon Clinic in blogs posted on the Oticon Hearing Foundation website.

Kyman looks forward to sharing her passion for global humanitarian work – a passion that she hopes will inspire more hearing care professionals to volunteer their time and expertise to serve people who would otherwise not have access to hearing care.  Kyman brings the perspective of a veteran volunteer to her blog posts.  She has already served on missions to in-need people in Guatemala, Costa Rica, and Croatia. 

Canale is also a volunteer with a strong background in humanitarian missions who says her passion for
“global audiology is contagious.”  Blogging allows her to reflect on and grow from her international and hometown experiences, something she plans to share via her Oticon Hearing Foundation blog posts.

Blog and social media posts from Kyman and Canale begin October 27 with pre-travel excitement, anticipations and goals. Follow them throughout their Project Amazon experience at oticonhearingfoundation.org and facebook.com/OticonHearingFoundation.





Lena Marie Kyman, AuD


Mia Alexandra Canale

Project Amazon