September 2013 President's Corner

September 2013 President's Corner

Welcome back! I hope your school year is off to a great start.

Over the past few years serving on the SAA Board, I've had the opportunity to talk to AuD students from across the country and chat about some of the strengths and weaknesses of their individual chapters. What have I learned?

1. Each SAA chapter is unique. I am consistently impressed by the variety and quality of the activities that each SAA chapter participates in. Did you hear about the Ohio State University SAA visiting the Academy's Capitol Hill office this spring? What about the University of Minnesota winning the Tony Diggs Excellence Award for their hearing aid care and maintenance video? Recently, the Utah State University SAA even traveled to Ghana to train fellow audiology students! Be sure to check out the Chapter Chatter section of each SAAy Anything e-newsletter to get updates from your partner SAA chapters.

2. We face many of the same struggles. At the annual SAA Representatives Meeting at AudiologyNOW!, chapter leaders are able to discuss some of the issues they face within their chapter. Remember, you are not alone! Student engagement is always something that comes up, and we encourage all chapters to make it your program's culture to be involved with SAA. The national Board is always available to help give your chapter ideas, and we encourage you to connect with the other chapters in your region to brainstorm how you we can work together and engage more members.

3. You have lots of support! Always feel free to reach out to your chapter advisor if you need advice, ideas, or even a second opinion. The SAA Board is also happy to help answer questions and connect you with chapters who have completed similar projects. In fact, we are looking forward to scheduling conference calls with chapter presidents this year to help facilitate communication between national, local, and individual members. Is your chapter looking into organizing your first 5K? Want to find out how to get involved with Special Olympics Healthy Hearing? Reach out to us, and we can find a chapter leader or Board member to mentor you through the process.

Feel free to contact me with any comments or questions in jumpstarting your SAA chapter this fall!

Andrea Green, SAA President