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A Message From the Chair

If you can't feed a hundred people, then feed just one.

—Mother Teresa

I think this quote from Mother Teresa sums up philanthropy quite well.  It is right and a good thing, always, to give what you can to help others.  Nothing is considered a ‘token’ gift if it is given in the spirit of care and compassion; you get to decide how much and where to give.

There are more than 1.5 million non-profit organizations registered in the United States, according to the National Center for Charitable Statistics (NCCS).  From 2010-2014, approximately one quarter of Americans over the age of 16 gave of their time in one way or another in support of these nonprofit organizations and over $350 billion was donated by individuals, corporations, foundations, and bequests in 2014 according to the NCCS website.  There is a great deal of national data about giving and philanthropy on the NCCS website, and I encourage you to take a few minutes to peruse it if you are so inclined.  I love compiled cumulative data not because it captures every little nuance but because it can help shape our decisions about things.  Beyond the numbers and facts and figures, there are stories about individuals.  Not only the individuals who contribute so generously but stories about those who receive the support from all these nonprofit organizations and how it impacts their lives.  I love those stories and I’m sure that each of us has one of these stories either personally, professionally or through our colleagues, friends, or family.

The American Academy of Audiology’s Foundation is just one of these 1.5 million nonprofit organizations and although we are ‘small’ compared to many others, we are mighty in our reach and levels of support.   Why give to the AAA Foundation?  Because all gifts make a difference either alone or when combined with others.  Your contribution of any amount will help us to further our reach and our mission to promote philanthropy in support of research, education, and public awareness in audiology and hearing science. The work you do professionally and the people you interact with everyday benefit from strong philanthropic support of new research and science, clinical improvements, continuing education, and public awareness so that we serve our patients and the public more effectively. 

Please spend some time on your Foundation’s website so that you know just how effective and purposeful your support is.  Explore the many student and new professional research and education scholarships and projects that are supported by you and all those who choose to give so generously.  Look at the opportunities for continuing education through our Foundation Lecture series. Spend some time looking at the long list of scholarship and grant recipients who have made important advances in their research and academic careers because of the monetary support provided them by your Foundation.  All of our scholarships and grants are awarded through a highly competitive process.  While you on the website, pleased take a moment to visit our corporate donor page to see just how many dedicated and sustaining donors we have who give year after year to the Foundation in support of our philanthropic endeavors. 

I thank you personally and on behalf of the Board of Trustees and Academy Staff for your support and interest in serving the philanthropic needs of our audiology and hearing science community.  If you are a regular donor, thank you for your commitment to your Foundation. If you haven’t donated to the Foundation previously or if it has been awhile since you have donated, I encourage you to spend time on the Foundation website and learn about the work we do.  Then, I challenge you to ‘feed a hundred or just one’.  Make a monthly donation, plan a bequest, recognize someone with a tribute gift, create an endowed scholarship or make a corporate gift – the options for donating are quite varied.  Tell a colleague or a friend or a family member about all the great work your Foundation does because of supporters like you.  You’ve heard it before, working together we can accomplish a great many things and we can make a difference!

Therese Walden, Au.D.
Chair, Board of Trustees


Science Fair Award Winner at AudiologyNOW! 2013

As part of the Foundation's iniative to foster the audiologists of tomorrow, former AAA Foundation Chair Angela Shoup, PhD, presents high school student Haotian Xu with an award for his science fair project, EEG Cortical Signal Measurement and Processing System for Automatic Artifact Removal, Evaluation, and Remote Monitoring of Cochlear Implants.
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