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KrystaKrysta received a Student Investigator Research Grant in Hearing and Balance in 2015. Krysta explains, “Being awarded a research grant as a graduate student was an insightful experience in having primary responsibility in managing and conducting my own scientific investigations. I would love to be involved in research throughout my career, whether that means more clinically-oriented work (my grant funded a basic science project) or pursuing a Ph.D. after practicing clinically for a few years."

"I currently work as an audiologist for O.R. Monitoring Consultants, Inc., where I provide neurophysiologic monitoring services to patients undergoing a variety of surgeries in which the central nervous system is potentially at risk."

"I would encourage any Au.D. student to apply for a grant through the AAAF. The experience is invaluable and will serve you well throughout your career, whether a clinician, researcher, or both," Krysta says!

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