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Public Awareness



A recent American Academy of Audiology member survey stated that public awareness of audiology is one of the most important concerns of our membership. We all know why audiology and hearing and balance sciences are critical components of any overall health care regimen. The goal of the AAAF is to help the public become more aware of the impact hearing and balance wellness can make in a person’s life (e.g., the correlation between hearing issues and falling, depression, dementia).

Those in the field of audiology and hearing and balance sciences can positively impact the lives of people with health issues, if they only knew to come to you for assistance. We envision a public awareness effort that will help convey this important message, and more, in the very near future.

The AAA Foundation strives to have tangible impact in the lives of many by helping them understand the importance of the fields of audiology and hearing and balance sciences through its programs and initiatives. Public Awareness, focused on healthy hearing and balance, hearing loss and falls prevention, and the audiology profession, is an important component of the Foundation’s mission. Over the past few years the Foundation has implemented a number of programs aimed at providing tools, resources, and information for consumers and the general public.



Voices of Hearing and Balance Wellness Initiative

AAAF is asking you to tell your patient stories and share with the world the best of what it means to be an audiologist. Much of the general public, health-care providers, regulators, and legislators are not aware of the amount of care an audiologist can provide for individuals with hearing and balance deficits. This is your chance to submit a story told from the patient's perspective or about the patient in 300 words. A photograph would also be a wonderful addition for the book, but is not required. However, a signed patient consent form will be required for publication. The Foundation Trustees will select the most compelling 20 stories to be included in the coffee-table book titled, "The Voices of Hearing and Balance Wellness." Submissions will be accepted now through December 15, 2017. Email Foundation Manager, Rissa Duque-Yangson to learn more and share your story.

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