Ways To Get Involved and Improve Your Local SAA Chapter!

Ways To Get Involved and Improve Your Local SAA Chapter!

Community Involvement

  • Host a day camp for those with hearing loss
  • Get involved with Special Olympics Healthy Hearing
  • Sponsor a Thanksgiving food drive
  • Go to a Children's Museum and teach children how to protect their hearing. Incorporate games about the ear. Teach them the importance of wearing earplugs
  • Engage in Habitat for Humanity activities
  • Volunteer at al local food shelter
  • Contact a local schools and give a presentation to a science or health class about ears and hearing
  • Conduct hearing screenings at a community health fair and provide resources about hearing loss as well as hearing conservation
  • Speak at a local Lions Club, Sertoma, or other service club in the community
  • Create a Jolene mannequin to teach children about noise exposure


  • Go to your local Legislative office and push for Direct Access
  • Host an "Advocacy Afternoon" on a Friday. Order some pizza, play some music, and get together to write letters/send e-mails to your Congressman.
  • Create an advocacy challenge between your AuD classes to see who can write the most letters, donate to the PAC, or visit your local legislative office


  • Sell tickets for your major league baseball team
  • Work concession stands at sporting functions
  • Sell re-usable grocery bags
  • Host a bake sale
  • Restaurant fundraising: Hand out
    "Support SAA" tickets. Present those tickets at a restaurant you have paired up with and 15-20% of all bills goes towards SAA chapter
  • Get your chapter members together and have a yard sale
  • Help plan a "fun run" or 5K in your area
  • Set-up an SAA Cafe in your student lounge and sell drinks and snacks
  • Host a student-faculty lunch and sell tickets for $10
  • Create SAA chapter t-shirts or mugs to sell to students, faculty, and staff
  • Local gun club
    • Hearing protection
    • Do they have charity events?
    • Contact earmold company
    • Custom and instamolds
  • Daycare Hearing Screenings
    • Permission slip sent to day cares to go home with parents
    • $10
    • Good practice for audiology students
    • Get first year students involved in screenings
    • 2x/year
    • Flyers for swim molds
  • (Ear)Resistable wristbands
    • Sell to community, students, local audiologists
    • "I support Direct Access" wristbands


  • 3rd Year send off party
  • 1st year welcome picnic (Host a "Scavenger Hunt" that helps 1st year students locate key places in your university and/or department)
  • Get together at a local bar/restaurant and watch your University's sport team
  • Plan a picnic at a local park for all your chapter members
  • Host a holiday potluck dinner
  • Plan a camping trip over the weekend
  • Put together a kickball team (or any other sport!) and compete in a local league