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2015-16 Education Initiative Recipient Statements

Mia Canale, BS
Project Amazon Participant

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Lena Kyman, AuD
Project Amazon Participant

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Laura Coco
STAR Recipient: Coalition for Global Hearing Health

The 2015 Coalition for Global Hearing Health conference was a meeting of audiologists, philanthropists, industry specialists and researchers representing nearly every continent. With a multitude of countries represented, I was able to learn about the current state of affairs for audiology missions across the world, from a hearing loss prevention mission in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, to a project that trained local otolaryngologists in Tanzania. My education didn’t end after the presentations concluded; I was able to make contacts at the meet-and-greet sessions that helped me grow my career as a philanthropic audiologist and stay connected in the world of global hearing health.

Many of the presentations were inspiring, demonstrating initiatives that provide hearing tests and amplification to individuals with few resources. However, one project in particular made a unique impact on me. The CEO of SolarEar presented his business model, which involves employing deaf individuals in a factory where they assemble solar powered hearing aids. These hearing aids are then provided at an extremely low cost to the community. Because local individuals are responsible for the business, SolarEar is a sustainable business model, a crucial aspect to a philanthropic venture in a developing country. By employing the hearing impaired, SolarEar provides a promising opportunity for individuals whose future would otherwise be bleak.

I appreciate being given the opportunity to attend this conference. I will share what I have learned with my classmates and colleagues, and maintain in contact with the individuals I met at the conference. I look forward to integrating what I learned at CGHH with the non-profit audiology clinic in Oaxaca, Mexico and other future projects I have planned. I appreciate the STAR scholarship and the American Academy of Audiology Foundation for facilitating my trip to this conference. Thank you for supporting students and the education of audiologists!

Krysta Gasser Rutledge
STAR Recipient: Acoustical Society of America

My attendance at the 170th Meeting of the ASA was insightful, productive, and invigorating! I was allowed the opportunity to learn more about the field of acoustics both as a whole and as related to my academic interests (e.g. sessions/events organized by Psychological & Physiological Acoustics in addition to sessions/events organized by Animal Bioacoustics). Notably, I attended several presentations about bioacoustics in the context of bats and amphibians, entirely new areas of the field to me. I also enjoyed attending bioacoustics presentations in the context of marine mammals, as this is where my primary research interests lie. In addition to bioacoustics presentations, I attended a poster session in which more familiar topics such as hearing conservation, acoustic reflexes, and signal processing in assistive devices were presented. I also immensely enjoyed the Women in Acoustics luncheon, where I was able to learn about this committee's goals and plans for outreach/increasing the number of successful women scientists in acoustics.

Perhaps even more important than the new knowledge gained from presentations, I was able to meet and network with prominent individuals in acoustics, as well as graduate students with similar and dissimilar interests from my own. I feel I have established significant connections with other students and investigators that will serve me well following graduation in terms of applying to PhD programs and/or future research collaborations.

Thank you again to the American Academy of Audiology Foundation for your generous financial assistance that allowed me to attend this meeting!

Kelsey Krueger
STAR Recipient: Ohio Speech Language Hearing Association

I would like to thank the American Academy of Audiology Foundation and the Educational Grants Review Committee for selecting me as a Student Travel Awards Reimbursement (STAR) recipient. With this award I was able to attend and present a research poster at the 2016 Ohio Speech Language Hearing Association (OSLHA) Convention. This convention provides a platform for professionals and students from speech and hearing sciences backgrounds to share ideas, collaborate, and learn from peer research and experiences.

Throughout my education I have found myself pulled toward a team dynamic where I could work with others to develop the best treatment plan for our mutual patients. I currently am completing my doctoral externship and am working on cochlear implant team to evaluate, treat, and counsel cochlear implant patients and their families. As a doctoral student, I also work with hearing aid patients and their classroom teachers and/or parents to troubleshoot device issues or to fit FM technology. Often times, these patient populations will receive speech services or have additional diagnoses that can overlap with the services I am providing in audiology. While in attendance at the OSLHA Convention, I was able to learn additional ways to communicate with and provide care for my patients whether they have a hearing impairment, utilize and augmentative communication device, or or are diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder. I think it is important to learn about the research cross disciplines and conduct in order to better serve our patient population and this was successfully achieved while at the OSLHA Convention.

Not only was I able to attend the convention but I was also selected to present my research poster entitled "Knowledge and Attitudes of Audiologists and Students about Automated External Defibrillators (AED's)". The STAR scholarship allowed me to focus on the presentation of my research to fellow students and professionals in the field, without being concerned with the financial component often associated with convention attendance. I would like to thank the American Academy of Audiology Foundation again for their support in attending the OSLHA Convention which allowed numerous educational and professional opportunities.

Taryn Pegram
STAR Recipient: The 2015 American Speech Languge Hearing Association Convention in Denver, CO

Thank you so much for supplying a stipend for my travel to the American Speech Language Hearing Association (ASHA) Convention. I had a wonderful time learning more about the field of audiology and listening to some fantastic lectures and seminars. It was a very big conference with so much to offer and it makes me that much more excited to attend AudiologyNOW! 2016 in April. It was a crazy environment to be in, where everyone there is looking to improve in so many different ways as professionals and as clinicians.

As a poster presenter, I did have a wonderful time interacting and presenting the research I have been working on for almost a whole year. Of course I was very anxious, but in the end, it went off without a hiccup. I am looking forward to continuing my research, gathering more data, and analyzing it more and more. Hopefully, I will be accepted to present another poster at AudiologyNOW! and share my findings there with other audiologists and students.



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