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A History: The AAA Foundation AudiologyNOW! Lecture Series

We believe that education doesn't end when you graduate. Audiologists are life-long learners, which is why the Foundation annually sponsors three lectures featuring world-class experts on cutting-edge research in pediatrics, tinnitus, and workplace management. First presented at AudiologyNOW!, these lectures are offered for FREE for one year on eAudiology.org following that year's conference. 

Have a suggestion for a great speaker on one of these three topics? Let us know at aaaf@audiology.org.

Marion Downs Lecture in Pediatric Audiology
Philanthropic support provided by Oticon, Inc.

2005: Anu Sharma, PhD, University of Texas at Dallas
A New Clinical Technique for Assessing Central Auditory Development in Infants and Children with Hearing Aids and Cochlear Implants

2006: Albert Mehl, MD, University of Colorado Health Sciences Center and Kaiser Permanente
Beyond Newborn Hearing Screening: Childhood Hearing Loss and the Primary Care Physician

2007: Walter E. Nance, MD, PhD, Virginia Commonwealth University
How Can Newborn Hearing Screening Be Improved?

2008: De Wet Swanepoel, PhD, University of Pretoria, South Africa
Infant Hearing Loss: Silent Epidemic of Developing Countries

2009: Richard Miyamoto, MD, Indiana University School of Medicine
Cochlear Implants in Infants and Children

2010: Mary Pat Moeller, PhD, Center for Childhood Deafness at Boys Town National Research Hospital
Optimizing Early Word Learning in Infants with Hearing Loss

2011: Karen Avraham, PhD, Tel Aviv University
Genetics of Deafness: Implications for Diagnosis and Therapy

2012: Linda Luxon, CBE, BSc, FRCP, University of London
The Dilemma of Dizziness in Children

2013: Richard C. Seewald, PhD, National Centre for Audiology, University of Western Ontario
A Retrospective on the Development of a Science-Based Approach to Pediatric Hearing-Aid Fitting – What a Difference 40 Years Can Make!

2014: Nina Kraus, PhD, Northwestern University
Biological Assessment in Audiology: Spotlight on Auditory Processing and Hearing in Noise

2015: Christine Yoshinaga-Itano, PhD, University of Colorado
The Past, Present and Future: Developmental Outcomes for Children who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing.

Improving Patient Care Through Innovation in Workplace Management Lecture
Philanthropic support provided by Phonak LLC

2012: Candace Bertotti, MPA, PMP, VitalSmarts
Influencer: How to Create Change in Your Audiology Workplace

2013: Francis A. Fullam, MA, Briana J. Jegier, PhD, and Keri Kwarta, AuD, Rush University Medical Center
The Impact of Patient Experience Data Collection on Patient Satisfaction in an Evolving Reimbursement Climate

2014: Jen Shirkani, MA, Penumbra Group
Strategic Applications of Emotional Intelligence

2015: Dan Veto, MBA, Age Wave
How the Age Wave Will Transform Health, Healthcare and Our Lives

Topics in Tinnitus Lecture
Philanthropic support provided by Widex

2013: Pim van Dijk, PhD, University of Groningen, The Netherlands
The Neuroscience of Tinnitus and a Rationale for Treatment

2014: Richard Salvi, PhD, University at Buffalo
Phantom Sound of Tinnitus: Human Brain Imaging, Animal Models, and Therapy

2015: Dirk De Ridder, MD, PhD
Pathophysiology-Based Treatments for Tinnitus

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