A Message from the Chair

A Message from the Chair

A Message From the Chair

What the Foundation is doing for you!
As Chair of the Foundation, I sometimes hear sentiments from Academy members stating that they know that the Foundation supports scholarships and education, but some members ponder what the Foundation is doing for the average clinical or private practice based audiologist.  And the answer is that the Foundation is doing a lot on behalf of ALL audiologists! 

The mission of the American Academy of Audiology Foundation is to promote public awareness, research and education in audiology and hearing science.  And by focusing on these points, we touch all audiologists.   I encourage you to spend some time exploring our website to check out all of the initiatives on your behalf.  For audiologists, we offer on-demand lectures on pediatric audiology, workplace management and tinnitus help to ensure access to educational programs on the forefront of the latest research.  We also offer assistance for colleagues experiencing financial hardship with our Membership Assistance Program.

For your community, the Foundation assists public awareness programs to help education those in the medical and general community about the importance of hearing healthcare and hearing loss prevention.  The Foundation has some exciting projects in the works for enhancing this aspect of the mission.  Stay tuned for more details!

The Foundation also nurtures the next generation of professionals and researchers by offering scholarships and grants.  The seed money to assist a new researcher may be the basis of tomorrow’s innovative clinical breakthrough.  Our grants and scholarships are awarded on a competitive basis and the proposals received are very exciting.  I encourage you to review the list of past recipients.

The Foundation is always looking at opportunities to grow and we encourage you to contact us.  Share your ideas!  We also have opportunities for volunteer involvement if you are interested in short term volunteer engagements with the Foundation.  Please contact us! 

These initiatives and projects are not possible without you.  The work you do professionally and the people you interact with every day benefit from strong philanthropic support of public awareness, research and science, clinical improvement and continuing education.  We are collectively able to accomplish much when we join together in audiology philanthropy.  Please consider making an annual contribution, recurring monthly contribution or restricted contribution reserved for a favorite program.

THANK YOU for your generosity and continued support of the Foundation so that we can make a difference together!

Brenna S. Carroll, AuD
Chair, American Academy of Audiology Foundation