James Jerger Award for Excellence in Student Research

James Jerger Award for Excellence in Student Research

Each year, students display their research posters at the AAA Annual Conference, and the American Academy of Audiology Foundation grants awards to select students for their outstanding research. Three $500 awards and three $200 awards are available. These student poster awards are funded by an anonymous donor. 

2021 James Jerger Award for Excellence in Student Research

Balance Function: A Potential Early Indicator of Mild Cognitive Impairment

Category: Vestibular
Lead Presenter: Karen Bell, AuD, PhD
Supervising Audiologist: Jennifer J. Lister, PhD

Effects of Selective Inner Hair Cell Loss on Suprathreshold Auditory Brainstem Response Amplitudes

Category: Research
Lead Presenter: Celia Escabi, AuD, MS
Supervising Audiologist: Edward Lobarinas, PhD

Evaluation of Factors Affecting Audiologists Perception of Professional Autonomy

Category: Legal, Ethical, and Professional Issues
Lead Presenter: Lily Rollins
Supervising Audiologist: Carol Cokely, PhD

Library of Visual Reinforcers Designed for Children with Developmental Disabilities

Category: Pediatrics
Lead Presenter: Amanda Hemann, BA
Supervising Audiologist: Angela Yarnell Bonino, PhD

Personality and Acceptable Noise Levels: What’s the Connection?

Category:(Re)habilitation and Counseling
Lead Presenter: Erin Westbrook
Presenter: Aurora Weaver, AuD, PhD
Supervising Audiologist: Alisha L. Jones, AuD, PhD

Sound-Level Monitoring Earphones with Smartphone Feedback as an Intervention

Category: Hearing Loss Prevention
Lead Presenter: Megan Knoetze, BA, MA
Presenter: Vinaya Manchaiah, PhD, AuD, MBA
Supervising Audiologist: De Wet Swanepoel, PhD

Spectral Changes in the Brain After Hearing Aid Use

Category: Research
Lead Presenter: Carly Schimmel, BA
Supervising Audiologist: Anu Sharma, PhD