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2004-2005 Foundation Supported Research

The AAAF congratulates these audiologists and students on their receipt of grants for research in 2004-2005. These grants are supported by gifts made to the AAA Foundation's Annual Fund, and member contributions ensure that resources are available to fund future audiology research. To make a donation restricted for the use of research in the hearing sciences, call the Foundation office at 703-226-1049. Thank you in advance for supporting this worthy effort.

Research Grants in Hearing and Balance

New Investigator
Chul-Hee Choi, PhD
Baylor College of Medicine
Mentor: John Oghalai, MD
The Effect of Perilymph Osmolarity on Cochlear Amplifier

New Investigator
Kathy Vander Werff, PhD
Syracuse University
Time and Accuracy of ASSR Response Identification Using Two Different Analysis Methods

Student Investigator

Lendra Friesen
University of Washington
Mentor: Kelly Tremblay, PhD
Longitudinal Perceptual and Neurophysiologic Changes in CI Listeners

Student Investigator
Fuh-Cheng Jeng, MD
University of Iowa
Mentor: Paul J. Abbas, PhD
Electrically Evoked Auditory Steady-State Responses in Guinea Pigs

Student Investigator
Bruce Mock
East Carolina University
Mentor: Sherri Jones, PhD
Functional Aging of the Inner Ear Sensory Systems

Student Summer Research Fellowship
D. Bradley Davis, BA
Louisiana State University Health Science Center
Mentor: Scott Rubin, PhD
Automatic Attentional Processes in Aphasia

Student Research Forum

Sponsored annually with a generous gift from Plural Publishing, Inc.

Isabelle Marie Côté, MSc
Ottawa University
Effect of Noise Reduction Algorithms on Language Acquisition

Jennifer Brooke Shinn, MS
University of Connecticut
ASSR Thresholds in Individuals with Lesions of the CANS

Brooke Elizabeth Soderstrom, MA
University of Connecticut
The Effect of Masking on the Auditory Steady State Response

J. Kip Kelly, MS
Ohio State University
Multitaper Spectral Analysis of ASSR Data

Kristen Schroeder, MA
University at Buffalo
The Effect of Hypothyroidism on Hearing Loss Susceptibility

James Jerger Awards for Excellence in Student Research

Erin Schafer, MS
University of Texas at Dallas
Developing a Speech Recognition in Noise Test for Children

Jennifer Shackelford, BA
University of South Florida
An Adaptive Clinical Test of Temporal Resolution

Association for Research in Otolaryngology (ARO) Travel Awards

Lendra Friesen
University of Washington
Speech Evoked Cortical Potentials as a Function of Cochlear Implant Channel Number

Rachael Frush Holt
Indiana University School of Medicine
Communication Outcomes as a Function of Age at Cochlear Implantation in Congenitally Deaf Infants and Children: Is Younger Always Better?

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