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2005-2006 Foundation Supported Research

The AAAF congratulates these audiologists and students on the receipt of grants for research in 2005-2006. These grants are supported by gifts made to the AAA Foundation's Annual Fund and member contributions ensure that resources are available to fund future audiology research. To make a donation restricted for the use of research in the hearing sciences, call the Foundation office at 703-226-1049. Thank you in advance for supporting this worthy effort.

Research Grants in Hearing and Balance

Student Investigator
Junghwa Bahng, MS
University of Tennessee
Mentor: Mark Hedrick, PhD
Speech Cue Weighting in Children with Hearing Impairment

Student Investigator
Justin Nichols
University of Texas at Dallas
Mentor: Marco Atzori, PhD
Physiological Characterization of the Newly Discovered Auditory Nucleus Tectal Commissural Column

Student Summer Research Fellowship
Irina Shterenberg
Brooklyn College
Mentor: Glenis Long, PhD
Measuring DPOAE Using Sweeping Primaries

Student Research Forum

Sponsored annually with a generous gift from Plural Publishing, Inc.

Samuel Atcherson, PhD
University of South Dakota
Cortical Potentials to Gaps in Narrowband Noises

Lorienne Jenstad, PhD
University of British Columbia
Wide-dynamic Range Compression & Rapid Speech

Jason Tait Sanchez, MA
Kent State University
Contribution of NMDA Receptors in the Auditory Midbrain

Melanie Kirsch Semback, BS
University of South Florida
Utilities in Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo Treatment

Joanna Webster Tampas, MA
University of Tennessee
Auditory Evoked Potentials & Background Noise Acceptance

James Jerger Awards for Excellence in Student Research

Saravanan Elangovan, PhD
East Tennessee State University
Auditory Temporal Processing in the Perception of Voicing

Kelly King, BA
University of Maryland
Contributors: Andrew Griffith, MS, National Institutes of Health, NIDCD; Carolyne Bondy, MD, NIH; Vladimir Bakalov, MD, NIH; Tomoko Makishima, MD, NIH
Auditory Phenotype & Karyotype of Turner Syndrome

Association for Research in Otolaryngology (ARO) Travel Awards

Nicole Marone
Boston University
Informational and Energetic Masking of Speech:  Psychometric Functions for Speech, Reversed Speech and Noise Maskers

Lauren Stack
University of South Florida
The DPOAE Growth Function as a Peripheral Physiological Correlate of Auditory Temporal Resolution

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