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2012-2013 Foundation Supported Research

The AAAF congratulates these audiologists and students on the receipt of grants for research in 2012-2013. These grants are supported by gifts made to the AAA Foundation's Annual Fund, and member contributions ensure that resources are available to fund future audiology research. To make a donation restricted for the use of research in the hearing sciences, call the AAA Foundation office at 703-226-1049.

Research Grants in Hearing and Balance

New Investigator
Jamie DesjardinsJamie L. Desjardins, PhD
Syracuse University
Mentor: Karen A. Doherty, PhD
Effects of Directional Microphones and Noise Reduction on Listening Effort

Student Investigator

William BolognaWilliam J. Bologna, AuD
University of Maryland, College Park;
Medical University of South Carolina
Mentor: Judy R. Dubno, PhD
Central Auditory Factors in Stream Segregation Revealed by Contralateral Competing Signals

Student Investigator

Kate McClannahanKate McClannahan, AuD/PhD Student
University of Washington
Mentor: Kelly Tremblay, PhD
Electrophysiology and Auditory Training

Student Investigator

Lindsey RentmeesterLindsey Rentmeester, AuD
Vanderbilt University
Mentor: Linda J. Hood, PhD
Effects of Stimulus Rate, Intensity, and Frequency on the Auditory Brainstem Response (ABR) in Term and Preterm Infants

Vestibular Research Student Investigator

Sponsored with a generous gift from the American Institute of Balance Education Foundation.
Robin CriterRobin E. Criter, AuD
University of Nebraska - Lincoln
Mentor: Julie A. Honaker, PhD
Characterizing Effects of Anxiety on Postural Sway in Collegiate Athletes

Student Summer Research Fellowship

Olga StakhovskayaOlga Stakhovskaya, PhD
University of Maryland, College Park
Mentor: Matthew Goupell, PhD
Lateralization of Interaural Level Differences in Multi-Channel Electrical Stimulation

Student Research Forum

Sponsored annually with a generous gift from Plural Publishing, Inc.

Julianne CerutiJulianne Ceruti, BA
University of Connecticut
Research Advisor: Frank Musiek, PhD, University of Connecticut
ABR and Behavioral Off-Frequency Masking Patterns

Andrew KeinerAndrew Keiner, MS

University of Iowa
Research Advisor: Richard Tyler, PhD, University of Iowa
Contributors: Domenico Cuda, MD, UO ORL Ospedale "G. da Saliceto"; Patrizia Frontera, BS, UO ORL Ospedale "G. da Saliceto"
Tinnitus Comparison of Electric and Acoustic Stimulation in Patients with a Cochlear Implant

Virginia Ramachandran Virginia Ramachandran, AuD, PhD

Wayne State University
Research Advisors: Jean E. Andruski, PhD, Wayne State University; Kenneth R. Bouchard, PhD, Henry Ford Hospital
Longitudinal Outcomes of DPOAEs and WBR in Infants

Carolyn WhitcombCarolyn Whitcomb, BA

Dent Neurologic Institute/Hearing Evaluation Services of Buffalo; State University of New York at Buffalo
Research Advisor: Lixin Zhang, MD, PhD, Dent Neurologic Institute
Contributors: Donna Lavallee, AuD, Hearing Evaluation Services of Buffalo; Dawn Pytlik, AAS, Dent Neurologic Institute; Merika Wilson, BS, Dent Neurologic Institute
The Clinical Utility of Rotational Chair Testing in the Diagnosis of Migraine Associated Vertigo and Chronic Subjective Dizziness

Thomas Wise Thomas Wise, AuD Student

San Diego State University/University of California, San Diego
The Effect of Surface Modifications of Titanium Substrates on Spiral Ganglia Dendrite Outgrowth

James Jerger Awards for Excellence in Student Research

Sponsored annually with a generous gift from an anonymous donor.

Renee CloutierJ. Renée Cloutier, BA
Syracuse University
Contributors: Kaitlyn Coscione, BA, Syracuse University; Kathy Vander Werff, PhD, Syracuse University
Neural Encoding at the Brainstem Level Following Symptomatic Concussion

Katharine Fitzharris Katharine Fitzharris, AuD
University of Texas at Dallas
Co-Presenter: Harsha John, BA, University of Texas at Dallas; Jeffrey Martin, PhD, University of Texas at Dallas
Interaural Asymmetry on Dichotic and Monaural Speech Tasks

Kayla Gaschler Kayla Gaschler, BA

Bay Pines Veterans Affairs Healthcare System
Co-Presenter: Victoria Williams, AuD, Bay Pines Veterans Affairs Healthcare System
Contributors: Rachel McArdle, PhD, Bay Pines Veterans Affairs Healthcare System; Richard Wilson, PhD, James H. Quillen VA Medical Center; Jennifer Lister, PhD, University of South Florida
Memory and Speech-in-Noise Performance as a Function of Task Difficulty in Veterans

Reem Mulla Reem Mulla, AuD

University of Pittsburgh
Contributors: Catherine Palmer, PhD, University of Pittsburgh; Nicole Wasel, AuD, University of Pittsburgh; Anga Iao, AuD, University of Pittsburgh
Relationship Between Measured and Perceived Loudness Perception

Association for Research in Otolaryngology (ARO) Travel Awards

Salima Jiwani, PhD Student
University of Toronto
Extensive Areas of the Cortex are Evoked by Stimulation from the Newly Implanted Ear in Children who were Long-Term Unilateral Cochlear Implant Users


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