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2014-2015 Foundation Supported Research

The AAAF congratulates these audiologists and students on the receipt of grants for research in 2014-2015. These grants are supported by gifts made to the AAA Foundation's Annual Fund, and member contributions ensure that resources are available to fund future audiology research. To make a donation restricted for the use of research in the hearing sciences, call the AAA Foundation office at 703-226-1048.

Research Grants in Hearing and Balance

New Investigator
Stella Ng, PhD
University of Toronto
The Development of Ethical Clinician and Scientist Relationships with Industry: A Grounded Theory Study and Faculty Development Initiative

Student Investigator
Krysta Gasser Rutledge, AuD Student
Washington University in St. Louis
St. Louis University School of Medicine
Hearing Loss in a Novel Polygenic Mouse of Type II Diabetes Mellitus

Student Investigator

Bruna Mussoi, AuD/PhD Student
University of Iowa
Age-related Changes in Temporal Resolution Revisited: Findings from Cochlear Implant Users

Student Investigator
Macy Schott, AuD Student
University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Assessment if a Hearing Conservation Program Designed for 4-H Youth

Vestibular Research Student Investigator
Sponsored with a generous gift from the American Institute of Balance Education Foundation.
Lee Choongheon, AuD/PhD Student
University of Nebraska - Lincoln
Effects of Meclizine and Diazepam on Mammalian Vestibular Function

Hearing Aids, Clinical Protocols and Patient Outcomes Student Investigator
Sponsored with a generous gift from Unitron.
Paul Reinhart, PhD Student
Northwestern University
Objective and Subjective Assessments of Patient Susceptibility to Reverberation

Student Summer Research Fellowship
Rachel Halbriter, AuD Student
West Virginia University
Effects of High-pass Filter Cutoff on Gender Identification from Vowel Segments

Student Research Forum

Sponsored annually with a generous gift from Plural Publishing, Inc.

Robin E. Criter, AuD, PhD
University of Nebraska-Lincoln
A Preliminary Fall Risk Screening Protocol for Audiology Hearing-Clinic Patients 

Allison Coltisor, AuD Student

Texas Tech University Health Science Center
Consonant Perception Enhancement Using Signal Processing in Bimodal Hearing

Alison Kiolbasa, BS

Washington University School of Medicine
Auditory Training in Noise with Cochlear Implant Recipients  

Alaina Lenzen, BHS

Missouri State University
Relationship of Hearing Sensitivity to Cognition Levels in Normal Hearing Adults 

Stephanie Waryasz, BS

University of Connecticut
Effects of Sport-related Concussion on Auditory Processing in University Athletes 

James and Susan Jerger Award for Excellence in Student Research

Sponsored annually with a generous gift from an anonymous donor.

Paul Reinhart
Northwestern University
Coping with Music Processing Hearing Aids: Optimizing Compression

Hannah Widner
University of Memphis
A Toad and a Frog are Hard to Tell Apart: How English as a Second Language Affects

University of Texas at Dallas
Verification of Hearing Aids Made for iPhones

Lauren Charles

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Clear Versus Conversational Speech: Release from Masking in Children with Hearing Loss

Reem Mulla, AuD
University of Pittsburgh
Impact of a Hearing Aid Gain Adaptation Feature on Hearing Aid Success

Chrisanda Sanchez
University of Florida
Tablet Audiometry: Accurate Enough for Clinical Use?

Association for Research in Otolaryngology (ARO) Travel Awards

Erica Ehlers
University at Wisconsin-Madison

Project Amazon